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May 1, 2008

Film & Television

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a few of the people…


Howie in K-Pax was based on Henry Darger and reading  Julia Kristeva’s New Maladies Of The Soul . She creates a formula for obsessional neurosis: Acts (-I )

...HAMMETT directed by Wim Wenders....produced by Francis Coppola

…HAMMETT directed by Wim Wenders….produced by Francis Coppola…my second film…Wim did a brilliant job imbuing this quintessential American story with a postmodern European sensibility…Alain Robbe-Grillet admired this very much…me too…I read all of Hammett’s novels except for The Maltese Falcon because our story was going to run parallel and I wanted fresh inspiration… I based Winston on a character from The Red Harvest called The Whisper because of his rasping voice….I used actual newspaper reports of gangland activities in the 20’s  and came up with a backstory of a Chicago Irish mobster who goes on the lam to San Francisco…when I finally read Maltese Falcon it turns out this was the same as a character called Thursby. The tune I whistle was a bit of Rosy Cheeks by Richard Whiting who is the composer mentioned most often in all of the novels. He composed Good Ship Lollipop.


Tommy Ray Glatman in Dreamscape…. visited Bellevue Hospital, went to a psychic research lab in Princeton, became a member of The American  Society For Psychical Research,read Ursula K. Leguin’s LATHE OF HEAVEN, studied nunchuks and  Joe Ruben let me design the chuks we used…originally they planned to use a stunt guy covered in a Ninja mask to double me but  Jeff Imada the co-ordinator did such great choreography for me Joe let me do it myself…without the mask

Wild At Heart….Juana and Dropshadow

Dropshadow and Juana

Horne Brothers

The Horne Brothers

Walter Hill, Wim Wenders, David Lynch, Spike Lee, Arthur Penn, David O. Russell, Maggie Greenwald, Rebecca Miller, Alex Proyas, James Mangold,  Mark Rappaport, Iain Softley, Michael Cuesta, Louis C.K., Clint Eastwood, Abel Ferrara, Joseph Ruben, Erica Fae, Chad Stahelski and David Leitch…to start with…many thanks


LAST MAN STANDING…Studs Lonigan by Farrell and The End Of History And The Last Man by Fukuyama, St.John Of The Cross, Big Bill Broonzy

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