July 9, 2018Thanks a million

Really grateful to all the insightful, generous folks who have enjoyed and supported my work all these years. I have been imagining speaking to you through my acting and music and writing and sharing these existential epiphanies to help the creative world renew itself for the joy of all forever.

January 17, 2016JAMOGRAPHY


November 28, 2015CHIRAQ

…General King Kong inspired by John Heartfields anti-Nazi photomontages in Berlin in the 30’s…Spike let me wear a beard that links Greek, Civil War, and current wars…we talked about the physicality of Buster Keaton in The General ( in which he was an accidental hero of the Confederacy )…we talked about referencing horrible incidents of sexual harassment and noble ideals warped by lust and self delusion…

November 3, 2015THERESE RAQUIN

Keira Knightley as a fierce spirit in the age of the Impressionists…honored to be playing Superintendant Michaud…Zola creating a new language at the same time as Marx, Darwin, Dostoevsky…favorite untranslatable line from original novel “…Religions of the Heart are full of strange delicacies / distinctions / delusions…” additional reading ‘The Other Paris’ by Luc Sante

Charlie…I am proud to be in JOHN WICK …it reminds me of artist Robert Longo’s early work that featured people in business clothes fighting viciously…it is low budget no cgi with highly skilled fight choreography by  Chad Stahelski and David Leitch who have devoted  a large part of their lives to internalizing what it means to be in a life and death struggle and conveying the physical and emotional cost of that…it features a modern protest song called “Killing Strangers” and a beautiful romantic ballad “Think”

April 22, 2014RADIO

Sunday May 18 WFUV FM 90.70 performing Old Skibbereen and Lass Of Aughrim on CEOL NA GAEL show at 12 Noon…listen now on SOUNDCLOUD …look for Dpkelly…songs play at 5:00 (Skibbereen) and 11:45 (Lass)

April 3, 2014Tu An Ku
April 29, 2013A Thousand Reasons

A thousand reasons


July 6, 2011

Portraits In Dramatic Time…Lincoln Center Festival…David Michalek’s ballistic camera on actors ( including the Kelly’s )…projected on the side of the Metropolitan Opera July 7-31 , 8:45 to 11:00 pm nightly

ONCE at New York Theatre Workshop, November