David Patrick Kelly

November 28, 2015


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…General King Kong inspired by John Heartfields anti-Nazi photomontages in Berlin in the 30’s…I wanted a beard that links Greek, Civil War, and current wars…we talked about the physicality of Buster Keaton in The General ( in which he was an accidental hero of the Confederacy )…we talked about referencing horrible incidents of sexual harassment and noble ideals warped by lust and self delusion…

November 3, 2015


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Keira Knightley as a fierce spirit in the age of the Impressionists…honored to be playing Superintendant Michaud…Zola creating a new language at the same time as Marx, Darwin, Dostoevsky…favorite untranslatable line from original novel “…Religions of the Heart are full of strange delicacies / distinctions / delusions…” additional reading ‘The Other Paris’ by Luc Sante

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