December 19, 2020

Unbc Faculty Agreement

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UNBC-FA employs approximately 500 full-time and part-time members, including De Tenured and Tenure Track faculties, chief laboratory professors, librarians and conventionist science specialists. “The final arbitration offer is that both parties present their salary proposal and my understanding is the arbitrator chooses one or the other of them,” said Paul Siakuluk, vice-president of the Faculty Association. READ MORE: University of Northern B.C. Faculty issues 72-hour strike notice “The employer is ready to continue negotiations and remains committed to reaching an agreement around the table,” the statement said. The Faculty Association also criticized the administration for seeking an agreement allowing it to terminate contracts with some of its members who are not covered by the collective agreement. According to the Faculty Association, approval of the measure could legally threaten the union and result in “serious financial risks.” The administration and faculty of the University of British Columbia North have a name in mind when it comes to agreeing on an arbitrator to break the deadlock in the conclusion of a new contract. Students at the University of Northern British Columbia will resume classes on Monday, as the Association of Colleges on Strike (UNBC-FA) withdraws picket lines. The faculties association and the university have agreed on a mandatory final offer arbitration on the issue of salaries, the association said on social media on Tuesday. “The best thing would be for us to have a negotiated agreement, but for me personally and for many of my colleagues, it`s nice to know that we don`t have to worry about picket lines going up during the holiday period and early in the new year,” Siakuluk said. “I hope that people will find some comfort, that we will move forward and that one day we will reach an agreement here,” Weeks added. READ MORE: UNBC Faculty Association suspends strike, is enough to make bad statements against the university “The employer thanks the special mediator for his work and looks forward to going through this process and concluding a collective agreement with the AI,” said a UNBC statement. UNBC-FA serves the interests of nearly 500 full-time and part-time members on Prince George and UNBC regional campuses.

All faculty faculties, including long-time and tenure-Track faculty members, chief laboratory professors, librarians and contract specialists of all categories – are automatically members of the UNBC FA and are entitled to their services. A similar procedure was used in 2015 to reach an agreement on the first contract between UNBC and the Faculty Association. It seems that there is no agreement between the @UNBCFA and @UNBC which means that the faculty will be on the picket lines this morning in an hour. Clearly not a word about the length of the strike #unbc #UNBCFA #strike #university #cityofpg #education #learning #teaching “The parties did agree on an arbitrator before the end of last year,” UNBC spokesman Matt Wood said this week. “However, this person still needs to be contacted to make sure they are doing the work. Once we have completed this process, we can start talking about actual arbitration, dates, etc.. In order to obtain funding for federal research, a B.B.A. has a plan for justice, diversity and inclusion for research chairs, but not for faculties in general, a situation that Professor Dana Wessell Lightfoot described as “alarming” in a UNBC gender study. READ MORE: B.C.

mediator as a unBC faculty strike nearly three weeks in a statement released Friday afternoon, the faculties association says it has filed a bad faith complaint of negotiations against the university administration with the Provincial Labor Relations Office (LRB).