October 11, 2021

Tip Agreements

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The TIGTA audit report contains nine specific recommendations to help the NTRCP improve its management of tip contracts and reviews. The IRS reportedly accepted the recommendations and said it was considering taking corrective action. The IRS has just completed a series of personnel audits for fiscal year 2016. The IRS is now starting to review employees “bought for tips” for fiscal year 2017 and is adding additional casinos and locations to its target employees. Many Las Vegas residents need tips to increase their salary. For these employees, it is important to understand tip participation agreements and the risk of opt-outs. The IRS actively tracks audits of employees who do not participate in their employers` tipping agreements. Recommendation #7: Consider reducing the number of authorizations required to revoke tipping agreements with non-compliant employers. Recommendation 3: Use data and sample analysis to monitor compliance with the minting agreement and identify taxpayers whose compliance needs to be verified. The IRS could focus on tipping deals with a large amount of undeclared advice projected.. .

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