April 12, 2021

Sief Agreement Letter Of Access

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We require you to sign the SIEF agreement by February 1, 2018 if you intend to register in 2018. If your company has a filing deadline for 2018 but would like to register earlier, please contact estreicher@khlaw.com immediately to discuss the agreements. EtOH-REACH has established an access letter (Annex II) and an access letter agreement (Annex III). Your legal entity can purchase an access letter according to the following instructions: In order to obtain an effective registration and communication process in the SIEF, it is recommended to divide SIEF members into 4 different categories according to 4 different SIEF codes. These codes reflect the role of each company in each company prior to siEF/SIEF. This template letter can be used to send the survey to SIEF members… As a non-member of the consortium, filers intend to refer effectively to the data by purchasing a letter of access. Once the agreement is signed and the invoice received by the consortium secretariat, the corporation is invited to pay the fee as soon as possible. The firm Von Lawyer Keller – Heckman LLP is the custodian of the contract. For more information on the consortium or accreditation, please contact Herb Estreicher: estreicher@khlaw.com For more information on these consortia and their activities, please visit the websites interested in the links above. This document explains the concept of an access letter, which contains a number of points that SIEF members must take into account in their operations. The Access letter gives your corporation the right to designate the technical parts of the lead registrar`s registration as co-recorder for the joint filing. The access letter does not involve the granting of ownership of data or studies that have been created or received by the association, nor does it allow your company to access the display or use of this data/study.

A clarification point regarding CSR. Cr metal is not classified. Therefore, the concept of use coverage is irrelevant, as there will be no exposure scenarios. The parable is 96% purity for the metal, assuming that no contamination has the effect of classifying the cr metal as dangerous/dangerous under the Dangerous Substances Directive/CLP. This is the case with the metal created as such. The dish of Cr as an alloy component is handled differently. If you manufacture/import FeCr/FeSiCr, you will need separate access to CSR ferrochrome alloys. Contact estreicher@khlaw.com if this is your situation. With regard to the registration of chrome metal, the price of an access letter (LOA) to the chromium folder is 1000 tpa > 14,000 euros; 10,000 euros per 100-1000 tpa; Euro 8500 for 10-100 tpa; and euro 5000 for 1-10 tpa, plus vat in force and bank transfer fees. These include access to CSR for chrome metal, but not to ferrochrome alloys or other chrome alloys. See: EtOH-REACH believes that the calculation of the cost of the access letter should take into account all the costs incurred so far for the preparation of these technical ethanol registration elements and a provision for future costs associated with this work by the association. These include all technical costs related to data/studies, exposure assessments and file preparation, as well as administrative costs related to the preparation of data exchange and communications management agreements (e.g.

B questionnaires addressed to the FSRSE). On this basis, it was decided to set the price of an access letter as the same as membership in EtOH-REACH: the EThanol Association REACH [EtOH-REACH] has made available to non-EtOH-REACH members who wish to register ethanol.