April 9, 2021

Guarantee Issuance Agreement

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By issuing a bank guarantee, UniCredit Bulbank assumes an irrevocable obligation to pay a certain amount of money when the beneficiary declares, as part of the guarantee, that the contractual obligations are not met. The bank guarantee can be used as a protection against counterfeiting or non-payment in the context of trade agreements. A loan and a letter of guarantee have many similarities, but they are two different things. An acclimatized credit, also known as documentary credit, serves as a debt title to a financial institution and is a commitment by the bank to make payments as soon as certain conditions are met. As soon as the bank confirms that the terms have been concluded and verified, it transfers the money to the executor of the terms. The accreditor is guaranteed by security or credit from the customer. 4. Agreement on the presentation of a bank guarantee. The signing of the contract is not necessary when issuing the guaranteed guarantee up to 15 million tengues (if the currency of the hedge coincides with the currency of the guarantee).

Unsecured. issuing tender guarantees under the “Risk-Related Tender Guarantee for Sales” product program. As a general rule, the conditions to be guaranteed by guarantees are set as soon as both parties have entered into contractual agreements and may be specific to this particular trade. Nordea will work with you to develop appropriate guarantees if certain obligations are to be guaranteed. Suppose ABC Company is a steel manufacturer and supplier in the state of California. XYZ, a construction company, was a regular customer of ABC and entered into a new contract to build the Cyprus City Project, which is expected to cost $6.8 billion. XYZ has asked ABC to supply $500 million worth of steel at the site in Cyprus, Europe. However, given that Europe is outside the ABC commercial area, it wants XYZ to provide them with a letter of guarantee before the start of the contract. Due to the general nature of a bank guarantee, there are many types: no. Unlike letters of credit, bank guarantees are not subject to the confirmation requirement. In some countries, the “confirmation” of a bank guarantee is used to describe the issuance of a bank guarantee against a counter-guarantee from another bank.