December 8, 2020

Forest Service Master Agreement 2018

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Consider becoming a member of the NFFE-FSC union. Your MaxiFlex schedules, wellness programs, even your fire boots are because of the NFFE-FSC. Learn more about the NFFE Forest Service Council and the more than 20,000 forest service employees stationed across the country. We are more than 20,000 Forest Service employees who are deployed in 133 different organizational units across the country, working together for better jobs and a better agency. We have union members, stewards and other union members across the country. Coronavirus (COVID-19) could be our biggest challenge. Look at what we are doing for you and the forest services. Congressional legislation has a direct impact on you and your work. We`re on Capitol Hill to protect you for the good.

The master contract is the union contract with the forest service for workers in the collective agreement unit.