September 19, 2021

Eti Agreement

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While there is potential for overlap between this business programme and the objective of civil society groups in EIT groups to restore human rights, this overlap is not automatic. In the absence of a serious reputational threat (or evidence that a human rights initiative would be either profitable or profitable), it may be in the best interest of EIT companies to continuously delay any agreement on how to respond to a human rights remedy and dilute the final agreement, this is well below full compliance with the EIT Basic Code. In addition, as soon as it joins the EIT, it is likely that a company will acquire a valuable shield against public criticism of its working practices, as it can claim that it cooperates with prestigious civil society organisations to tackle human rights issues. This risks weakening the pressure on companies to cooperate to ensure that human rights complaints are dealt with appropriately. 4.8) Processor The processor is entitled to entrust third parties with the processing of personal data on behalf of the controller, provided that it informs the other party of such a commitment (an “authorised processor”). The subcontractor shall ensure that there is a written contract between the subcontractor and the authorized subcontractor, which defines the transformation activities of the authorized subcontractor and imposes on the authorized subcontractor equivalent conditions imposed on the subcontractor approved in this clause 4. The processor remains responsible for the acts and omissions of the authorized subcontractors with regard to their processing of personal data, as if they were its own. . .