September 9, 2021

Agreement Modification Clause

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(b) Optional form 336 (OF 336), the supplementary sheet or a blank sheet of paper, may be used as a supplementary sheet for an amendment to the contract. 543.102 Directive. (a) In accordance with the Federal Information and Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) (Pub L. No. 113-291), the contract agent must ensure that any change in the scope of a GSA information technology contract or order that is inconsistent with the approved acquisition plan obtains the approval of the GSA Chief Information Officer (CIO). See section 511.170 for all permissions required for the GSA IT Standards profile. In the case of intergovernmental acquisitions, the requesting agency is responsible for coordinating and approving amendments that make substantial changes to the scope of a contract or contract. 543,170 amendments for designated subcontractors, inspection and/or production points. (a) Before proceeding with an amendment to the contract authorizing modifications to a designated subcontractor or to an inspection or production body, the contractor shall take into account the impact of the change on the contractor`s ability to meet the requirements of the contract.

Use the same standards used to determine whether the contractor was responsible (see FAR 9.1 and GSAM 509.1). (b) The amendment shall indicate the nature of the amendment and the date of entry into force. When setting an effective date, take into account the time it takes for the offices concerned to take the necessary measures. 543.171 Amendments to suppliers` trade agreements. (a) supplier trade agreements must be amended where the updated terms are essential within the meaning of 552.212-4 (w) (1) (iv) or 552.232-78 (a) (6). (b) When approving an amendment to the contract to update the terms of the supplier`s commercial agreement, the contract agent must consider the impact on the rights of the government and, where appropriate, negotiate the terms. (c) The contract agent shall be responsible for keeping an up-to-date copy of the agreement concluded with the commercial supplier in the contract file. 3. In the case of an amendment issued as a confirmatory termination to the comfort of the Government, the date of entry into force of the confirmation notification shall be the same as the date of entry into force of the initial notification. 43.201 General.

(a) In general, government contracts contain an amending clause allowing the Treaty decision to make unilateral amendments in certain areas falling within the general scope of the Treaty. These are obtained by issuing written orders for modification on standard form 30, modification of the invitation/modification of the contract (SF 30), unless otherwise specified (see 43.301). (b) The Contractor shall continue to perform the Contract as amended, except that, in the case of reimbursement or incremental financing contracts, the Contractor is not required to continue the performance or incur costs in excess of the limits set out in the “cost limitation” or “resource limitation” clause (see 32.706-2). (c) In unusual or urgent circumstances, the contract agent may, in unusual or urgent circumstances, issue a change order electronically, without SF 30, provided that the notification contains essentially the information required by SF 30 and that measures are taken without delay to issue SF 30. . .