November 27, 2020

Abk Agreement

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Hantverkarformule-ret 14 provides agreements for repairs and transformations (ROT) for individuals, but not for detached houses. It applies to the terms and conditions of the contract. 1. Where intellectual property rights on parts, designs, experimental models, etc. established by or for us to prepare or execute the agreement, intellectual property rights belong to the seller without prejudice. Article 18/TERMINATION:18/1 ABK has the right to terminate the contract for the underwriting of the online banking system and to prohibit access to the online banking system without having to inform the customer beforehand.18/2 Without prejudice to the above, ABK has the right, at its sole discretion: to terminate without notice the contract of subscription of the online banking system and the authorization to access the online banking system, if the authorized user or user has breached any of these conditions, or if ABK has legitimate reasons to believe that the authorized user and/or user has committed fraud or fraud, that the PIN has been stolen or that a third party has been disclosed, or that another reason has been disclosed to another person. Immediately cancel the subscription contract to the online banking system.18/3 The user can terminate the online bank subscription contract.18/3 The user can terminate the subscription contract to the online bank. by a 15-day written press release sent by mail to Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait Egypt P.O.Box 12577, Cairo, Egypt.18/4 The possible cancellation of the account and/or credit facilities or loans granted to the user results in the automatic termination of the subscription to the online banking system without the user`s notice. Article 15. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction 1. All our offers, agreements and enforcement are subject exclusively to Dutch law. 2.

The parties choose their residence in the seller`s residence or headquarters. Article 11. Price and payment 1. The seller`s prices are with reservation. VAT, other taxes and transport are not included. In addition, price increases on behalf of third parties are excluded. 2. The customer is required to pay the purchase price within 30 days of the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The client is not entitled to deduct an amount in case of counter-measures. 3.

Primary, any payment by the customer is to pay interest and optional pickup fees, and then pay the oldest bills. 4. If the customer has not paid the debts on time and does not pay within one week of a notification, the seller is entitled to treat the sales contract as terminated without legal intervention. In this case, the customer is liable for damages suffered by the seller, including lost earnings, transportation costs and collection costs. 5. In the event that the client does not meet the debts to the seller for any reason and for whatever reason, the legal and non-legal costs are borne by the client. Court costs also include all legal aid and legal fees in excess of the invoice. Non-legal collection costs amount to at least 15% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of €115, plus the interest mentioned above. 3. If the seller believes that the situation is permanent, the parties can agree on the termination of the contract and the consequences of a termination.

Article 2/DEFINITIONS: in this agreement apply the following definitions and all the changes that can be applied from time to time to this agreement, which are literally the img. define the meaning of the terminology used in this agreement and cannot be interpreted or interpreted differently, unless otherwise stated: “ABK” means Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait – Egypt, successor and agent. Article 1.